We woke up to 7 degrees at 5am this morning. After all, it is January in Jersey- but that’s cold! Relatively speaking of course, in other parts of the country, or in the world for that matter, a single digit Winter morning may be considered mild compared to typical sub-zero temperatures at this time of the year, not including wind-chill factors!

Around midday, I spoke with a west coast-based client sitting in her air-conditioned car with a temperature outside that we determined was ten times warmer than mine! She ended our conversation referring to the weather in the northeast by saying, “I honestly don’t know how you live there.” To which I quickly and confidently replied, “We just think hot & stay warm!”

As off-the-cuff as my comment was, it made me think of prospecting in a professional sales process in the same regard. I mean, whoever canned the term “cold-calling”? Maybe someone sitting in their un-air-conditioned car on a hot Summer day!? Huh?

In addition to the forecast being an excuse for some sales executives to avoid the activity of prospecting…the thought of engaging in an activity referred to as “cold-calling” can be a deterrent, as well.

To defrost the chill of initiating new business contacts, first think of HOT prospects that have the most potential to benefit from you’re selling. Then, reach out to them with a WARM introduction by keeping the focus on them and their needs instead of thinking about your own agenda. Making a good first impression and building a sincerity-based relationship will go a long way to identifying and meeting needs.

SO think hot & stay warm in your prospecting efforts and enjoy the new business that comes your way as a result! And remember…every season is a good time for increasing incremental revenue!

Diane Ciotta
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