Half-Day Workshop (4 hours)

The last decade has turned outside sales upside down. Today’s prospects do their research before a rep even walks in the door. At the same time re-tweets, Likes, Shares and LinkedIn connections have made it easier than ever to create the illusion of a huge network of buyers – even if those connections never actually connect.

Successful sales organizations are now re-centering their priorities around the selling fundamentals that have become neglected in the digital age. Consultative sales and active listening as part of a needs development process is a proven strategy to erase objections from the conversation and reduce the sales cycle.

This half day workshop is designed to show outside sales reps how to quickly move prospects to a close by giving them the tools to make meaningful connections, build trust and deliver proposals that address specific buyer needs every time.

Separated into three parts this highly customized and interactive workshop will go through the complete sales cycle from opening sales conversation to close using proven real life examples of customer interactions that lead to higher close ratios.

Diane Ciotta has worked with sales professionals for over 3 decades, showing them how to improve results with better customer interactions and tools that turn prospects into long term clients as well as a source for new business through referrals.


Attendees will learn to

  • Initiate powerful sales conversations with prospects
  • Use active listening as a means to understand customer needs
  • Reduce the sales cycle by delivering value-driven proposals