Just because the best salespeople make selling look easy, doesn’t mean it is.

We aren’t all born to sell. But selling is a skill that can be taught.

Somewhere  in the past few years salespeople were sold a bill of goods that working to generate Likes, Shares and and huge LinkedIn network was the same as actually  initiating a new business contact. As many companies are now finding out, technology can never replace a highly skilled sales team that knows how to connect, understand and deliver real value to prospects.

For over 3 decades Diane Ciotta has worked to help sales professionals improve their close ratios by developing skills that are both practical and proven.

Diane’s workshops with inbound and outbound sales teams often lead to huge boosts in sales productivity as she uses real world experiences to walk participants through the entire sales cycle. From strong opening conversations and in-depth needs development through to articulating powerful proposals that lead to a successful close, Diane’s sales training programs are an investment that will show a return in any marketplace.