B2B and B2C Outside Sales Professionals who actively meet with high value prospects face-to-face and are looking for ways to increase their close ratio.


Getting in the door is often said to be the hardest part of any sale. But getting close to a prospect means very little if sales professionals struggle to deliver value propositions that close.

As referenced in the title to Diane Ciotta’s book, Shut-up and Sell!, many sales people spend too much time talking about product and service features when they really should be focusing on is what it is their clients need.

Selling consultatively and persuasively requires listening to what prospects are looking for. When sales professionals understand this, they hit and exceed their numbers on a consistent basis because they deliver exactly what their prospects need based on real conversations.

This 45 minute to 60 minute breakout session will show sales professionals how to successfully take clients through the face-to-face sales process with tips, tools and techniques that will help them “read” their prospects and create presentations and proposals that connect product and service benefits with needs.

Di’s high energy yet relatable presentation style gets to the core of how sales specialists can achieve better results. As a sales professional herself, she connects modern selling methodology with the proven strategies that worked before the focus shifted to re-tweets, shares and likes.


Attendees will learn to:

  • build relationships and credibility during face-to-face interactions
  • understand the needs of clients and integrate those needs into presentations and proposals
  • eliminate objections by aligning product & service offerings to the needs of prospective clients