B2B and B2C Inside Sales Professionals who work primarily on the phone and have a limited window of opportunity to connect and close prospects.


The biggest difference between inside and outside sales is the time one has to understand the needs of a prospect and then quickly turn those needs into a rock solid proposal.

Whereas an outside sales rep typically has up to 30 minutes to develop a needs assessment for his or her prospect, the inside rep has about 7 minutes for the entire phone conversation.

This shorter sales cycle means that every second counts and every question asked of the prospect has to be on-target.

As referenced in the title to Diane Ciotta’s book, Shut-up & Sell!, many sales people spend too much time talking about product and service features, when they really should be focusing on is what it is their clients need.

This 45 minute to 60 minute breakout session shows inside sales reps how to use open ended questions to quickly get to the core of what it is prospects are looking for and then use those answers to deliver client-focused proposals that connect product and service benefits with needs.

Di’s high energy yet relatable presentation style gets to the core of how sales specialists can achieve better results.  As a sales professional herself, Di connects modern selling methodology with the proven strategies that worked before the focus shifted to re-tweets, shares and likes.  


Attendees will learn to:

  • Use open-ended questions to engage prospects and learn important information in a very short period of time
  • Quickly understand the needs of clients (including budget) and use those needs to deliver rock solid proposals
  • Eliminate objections by aligning product & service offerings to the needs of prospective clients