B2B and B2C Inside Sales Professionals who want to improve close ratios by avoiding, understanding and handling objections better.


Successful inside sales reps are masters of the one-call-close. They understand that once a prospect leaves a conversation it is very difficult to get them  re-engaged.

The best way to handle any objection is to avoid it. But the short sales cycle faced by inside sales reps means they have to have the right tools and tactics to keep prospects engaged as they go through the needs development process. By the end of every call the goal is to deliver a killer solution that is so spot on – objections are completely avoided and closing is the only logical path forward. 

This 45 minute to 60 minute breakout session shows inside sales reps how to avoid objections and accelerate the sales process through active engagement and needs development.

Di’s high energy yet relatable presentation style gets to the core of how sales specialists can achieve better results. As a sales professional herself, she connects modern selling methodology with the proven strategies that worked before the focus shifted to re-tweets, shares and likes.  


Attendees will learn to:

  • Keep prospects engaged on the phone in order to complete the sales process    
  • Use open ended questions to gather information vital to avoiding objections
  • Increase close ratios by overcoming unavoidable objections