B2B and B2C Outside Sales Professionals who are looking to improve close ratios by avoiding, understanding and handling objections better.


The best way to handle any objection is to avoid it entirely. But even the best sales reps have to deal with objections from time to time. Even after listening to prospects and delivering a solid proposal based on a comprehensive needs assessment, objections may seemingly appear out of nowhere.

The important thing to remember is, that in sales, an objection is not always a rejection.

Objections can happen anywhere in the sales cycle. And depending whether they pop up during the opening conversation, needs development phase or even after the proposal is in the prospects’ hand, the response and handling will be different.

This 45 minute to 60 minute breakout session shows outside sales reps how to avoid objections using a consultative sales approach while also providing tips, tools and strategies to overcome objections depending on where they are raised during the sales cycle.

Di’s high energy yet relatable presentation style gets to the core of how sales specialists can achieve better results. As a sales professional herself, she connects modern selling methodology with the proven strategies that worked before the focus shifted to re-tweets, shares and likes.  


Attendees will learn to:

  • Avoid objections by understanding WHY they happen
  • Understand the different types of objections and how to overcome them
  • Identify the essence of objections and use them to make their proposals even better