This program is an inspirational kick-off for marketing, communications, and other professionals where income is not based on commission.


Everything we do in life is a CHOICE. This entertaining keynote explores this concept through active storytelling. Using each letter of CHOICE as an acronym, Di Ciotta shows audiences how personal and professional interactions with others impacts their daily work environment.

Improving how we communicate through writing, saying and doing is the key to building successful working relationships. How we influence those around us can greatly impact the productivity within a team as well as make or break careers.

This highly customized keynote uses industry-specific stories related to each letter in the CHOICE acronym.

Di’s edu-taining keynote style is a great kick-off for conferences or internal gatherings and can be combined with one of Di’s practical sales-focused breakout sessions for maximum impact.


Attendees will leave this keynote with:

  • An improved capacity to build interdepartmental relationships
  • A better understanding of the impact of communications on productivity
  • The ability to have more clear and meaningful interactions between team members