B2B and B2C professionals or outside sales reps who are not getting the results they want using technology and need to sell face to face, over the phone or both in order to recapture lost opportunities.


Technology is a sales tool. But technology doesn’t sell. Emails and social media campaigns are easy to deploy and just as easy to ignore.

Sales people have forgotten how to sell consultatively. Many younger reps confuse LinkedIn connections with real client interactions and most veteran reps have become computer complacent. This is costing everyone money.

The number one goal of every sales professional should be to generate revenue, not Likes, Retweets or email blast intros!

This 45 minute to 60 minute breakout session will show sales professionals how to step out from behind the screen of technology and into the field by taking the fear out of the sales process while also teaching them to distinguish between non-productive work-related activity and real revenue drivers.

Di’s high energy yet relatable presentation style gets to the core of how sales specialists can achieve better results because, as a life-long sales professional herself, she connects with this audience and  understands how easy it is to use technology as a crutch even when you know in your heart it won’t pay off.


Attendees will:

  • discover the confidence to seek out new opportunities using proven techniques to get them in front of better leads and increase their bottom-line performance
  • learn how to be professionally persistent without becoming an irritant to prospective clients
  • get comfortable with engaging in relationship building habits that establish credibility