Why are sales people so compelled to lie?

Once I confirmed it was our mattress that was causing my morning back pain, I made an inquiry call to the big box furniture store where it was purchased. A salesperson quickly stated that the current mattress “probably” only had a 5 year warranty & that it was no longer available- but he could have the upgraded version delivered to me in 2 days. His next question was,  “which credit card will you be using?”!

Uncomfortable with the whole conversation, especially the “probably” of my warranty…I opted to drive the hour to the store to ask more questions. The result was that it actually had a 15 year warranty with a 100% covered replacement; upgrade & all, and delivery fees included!

When my siblings and I were kids, our parents sometimes told us little made-up stories to protect us- that was the right thing for them to do because they had our best interest at heart.  But the blatant dishonesty of salespeople is always the wrong thing– because the truth is: it’s never for the good of the customer!

Diane Ciotta
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