My 84 year old mom decided it was time to “simplify her life”. That meant selling her 3-story home of 40 years and downsizing to a 1-bedroom apartment!

After the initial cheers to her announcement, the process of packing 40 years and three floors of stuff began! My sister and I worked tirelessly in the first several weeks managing the initial consolidation and throwing away a lot of unnecessary clutter.

Not because I’m the older sister but rather because I’m the one with OCD tendencies,
I suggested that we get control of the overwhelming task by labeling everything as belonging to one of three categories: things to keep, things worth doing something with and things to throw away…in other words: keepers, could-be’s and crap!

Similar to this experience with our mom- as professional sales consultants it’s a good practice to “simplify” our sales funnel from time to time by identifying the keepers, the could-be’s and the crap! This process will help to determine the clients that must to be treated with care, prospects that we need to follow-up with and those dead-beats that should be discarded of.

Clearing the clutter of non-productive prospects and high maintenance previous customers is a reality-check of the true revenue potential in our existing target list! Categorizing that list will open our eyes and mind to go initiate some fresh new business contacts.

Sometimes the view from a new kitchen window is exactly what we need to see that forrest of new opportunity through the trees…let’s not wait 40 years to see it!

Diane Ciotta
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