Sure, we could have taken Mom to a fancy Easter brunch at any one of the local restaurants promoting $65 & up feasts, but besides the fact that she eats like a bird- all she really wanted was a good bagel with cream cheese & lox!

Our plans were set. Immediately following sunrise service, we would go to that brand-new bagel shop that recently opened. We arrived by 7am and were surprised that only three varieties of bagels were available- none of which were the kind we were looking for! Being located right next to a grocery store, my husband suggested grabbing a few from their bakery. But that was not an option for me…I mean, if I’m going to give-in to that many carbs in one food item; it has to be a fresh, hot, crusty on the outside, doughy on the inside baked circle of goodness!

We jumped back in the car and searched on our smarter than us phones for the next closest bagel shop. Choosing between two, we headed 5 miles further from home to find boards on the windows of the storefront! Without saying a word, I tapped for directions to the other of the two in our search results. Ten minutes later we arrived- and there were no boards on the windows! Yeah! Enthusiastically we walked up together, then sighed in disbelief when the door to the shop was locked! UGH! At that point my husband felt compelled to remind me that the well-known coffee shop on the corner does sell bagels. But I was determined, and in one last search we ended-up at a bagel place one block from our house that was open for business, had all of our flavor choices as well as fresh lox!

They turned out to be the best darn bagels we have ever eaten! While it may sound exhausting…our end-result is what mattered the most. The message is the same from a selling perspective. As sales professionals we will go through many unsuccessful attempts to get a “hot one” but if our desire to achieve is great enough, then our effort will be driven by our determination!

It took four different stops, 12 miles of driving and 40 minutes to find what we were looking for that day. If finding a “fresh bagel” was worth that kind of commitment- then doesn’t it also seem reasonable to apply at least that much effort into finding a “hot prospect”?

Diane Ciotta
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