Don’t just make a sale…make a difference!

Potential customers will often hang on our words and we should not take that lightly. Our word is our word and while it is not something that we actually pay for- it can cost us everything if we lose it!  Regardless of the product or service being represented, whether it’s a small investment or a large one, be it a necessity or a luxury, encouraging a potential customer to make a decision to buy for solely our own benefit is never acceptable.

At the same time, choosing to be a the sales industry as a profession is often based on the opportunity to be paid on performance and essentially write your own paycheck., that’s what drives us! That means it should be a mutually beneficial venture. If the prospects’ needs have been met appropriately and with integrity, then the compensation and recognition received in return is legitimately earned and nothing to be embarrassed about or apologized for.  

In fact, as a customer, I’m pleased when a sales executive that has gone out of their way to provide exceptional service, is commissioned, because they deserve it. Whenever you question if you can really make a difference to each and every customer, think about the story I once heard of a young boy picking up washed-up starfish along the beach and throwing them back into the ocean.

His father walking next to him said, “Son, there are so many washed-up starfish all along the coast, by tossing them back one at a time, it would take forever to make a difference.” The boy silently shook his head as he squatted down, picked up another starfish and tossed it into the ocean, then said to his Dad, “it made a difference to that one!”  A powerful visual and an impactful message.

Diane Ciotta
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