Working with sales professionals across multiple industries, Diane Ciotta has helped thousands of people achieve higher levels of sales competency resulting in greater close ratios for over 3 decades.

As an experienced sales pro herself, Diane knows the challenges that reps face on a daily basis.

Whether it’s the incredibly short sales cycles of inbound calls or the relationship building face-to-face meetings that lead landing high-value clients, Diane’s coaching provides a practical blueprint for success based on proven sales strategies and methodologies.

Diane’s program helps sales professionals understand the key elements necessary to closing bigger and better deals. Her clients typically see a huge boost in performance resulting in increased compensation.

Diane’s one-on-one or small group coaching is ideal for sales professionals that want to improve their performance at every single step of the sales process.

Coaching clients will learn how to:

  • Understand the difference between work-related and results-oriented tasks
  • Have client conversations that lead to better and more effective proposals
  • Overcome objections and close more deals with a shorter sales cycle.