Recently I was staying at a hotel in Atlantic City (where I was in town to speak not gamble). I stepped into one of the half-a-dozen elevators in the lobby with 2 other people who were not together. After I pressed the number 6 for my floor I turned to ask each of them their desired destination.

The first answered, “I’m also on 6” and then the other said, “6 for me as well!” To which I shouted, “Triple 6!” in a voice as if I was commentating the results of a scratch-off lottery ticket.

Then to ease their minds that they weren’t traveling up 7 floors with a lunatic, I followed up with, “Well, we are in Atlantic City- that has to be worth something!?”

When we reached the 6th floor, my traveling companions were quick to offer me the first step off the elevator by gesturing in unison with an obvious combination of both being gentlemen as well as to end my attempt to start needless conversation.

Later, I thought more about the odds of 3 random people getting on one of 6 elevators, with 16 options of floors and all three people being destined for the 6th  floor. It could take hours for that to happen, or dozens of rolls of 3 dice to get the same number on each or hundreds of spins on a slot machine to get 3 cherries!

All because it’s the epitome of “the luck of the draw”.

To be successful in sales, we can’t rely on luck. Rather we must put the odds in our favor by engaging in activities that will help us achieve get the results we desire.

Those actions include initiating contacts and not waiting for calls to just come to us, focusing on follow-up versus expecting prospects to call us back, and to confidently outline benefits to our prospects to confirm value based on their needs rather than waiting for them to provide blatant buying signals.

In all of these ways we will improve our success ratio by improving our odds- because there’s no better chance for ROI from our effort than to bet on than ourselves!

Diane Ciotta
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