Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

keynote-speaking-dianeDetermined to intensify the impact she has made through presenting sales training seminars for 26 years, Di expanded her company to capture all audiences with a message of accountability.


Di’s empowering words are perfect for any audience that would respond to being challenged to identify personal and/or professional desires and benefit from being encouraged to pursue them.


Session lengths range from 30 to 90 dynamic minutes.

Motivational Speaking

The Point

A strong & sincere message of Accountability. Through a dynamic presentation style that combines Italian passion with Jersey sarcasm, participants are engaged and encouraged to commit to positive changes- both personally & professionally.

The Message

Activity Drives Productivity P.ositive M.ental S.trategies for Women Personal Motivating Factors Client Satisfaction vs. Customer Service

The Book

A unique perspective on the attitudes & activities necessary to Conquer Complacency. In hardcover, Pushing To The Front, co-authored with re-known motivational speaker, Brian Tracy..

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