Lessons From The Falls

20 Aug Lessons From The Falls

The pain is throbbing in my left arm as I type with my right. The sand
at the bottom of the hill was deeper than I thought as I tried to steer
through it with on my bicycle almost a week ago. Unfortunately, the
speed I was going didn’t help to keep my balance…and down I went!

Thankfully, I happened to be wearing a long sleeve top. I could see my
torn sleeve & felt the pain in my arm…but being 8 miles from home-
I had to pick myself up, dust myself off & get back on my bike for
balance of the ride.

As I carefully rode home- I kept repeating to myself: “you’re okay, it
could have been worse, you’re almost home, you know better now, every
serious cyclist has fallen at least once, you’re closer with every
pedal, keep going” It was a long 8 miles!

The whole experience is much like life; I’m riding along with a little
momentum and something stops me in my tracks, often causing me to fall.
My choices are the same: just stay there; hurt and discouraged with no
desire to reach my destination- or get up & go with some encouraging

The ache may linger for a while, (just like in my arm) and there may
eventually be a scar as a reminder. But the lessons learned from the
falls in life are to be forever applied to avoid those same incidences
from happening again….that’s the basis of wisdom!