Balance in Over-Drive

01 Jul Balance in Over-Drive

Had a near miss this morning as I cut a sharp turn in a hurry to get to an appointment on time. It appeared as though the car coming head-on was also in a rush. Actually…it seems like we all are theses days!

(Interesting how technology is suppose to make our lives less hectic- yet life has become more hurried in spite of it.)

The incident reminded me of a day recently when I quickly made my way to the checkout counter of a store, in a rush- as usual. Then I realized that I might have cut- off a elderly gentleman making his way to the same register. So, I inquired apologetically; “I’m sorry Sir- I think you were in line here?” He replied with a nod & a wink; “Go right ahead…..I’m in no hurry!” I looked at him straight in the eyes and said with all sincerity- “I would like to say that just one time….and really mean it.” We both smiled as I accepted his offer.

Both near misses and relaxed people help me reflect on balance. It’s great to be busy- but MY scale needs to be tipped back the other way in order for to find a happy medium between over-drive & no-drive!