…and I vowed that I would never sell another thing based on my needs – but rather only on the needs of my clients!

di-home-7-small-240x162A good sales approach just isn’t good enough…
                                 …Sales Professionals need to know that Integrity Sells!

Common-Sense Techniques to:

  • balance professional achievement with personal morals
  • increase activity through decreased call reluctance
  • increase close ratios by highlighting value vs. cost

Feedback from Sales Executives to CEO’s:
     “Diane, thank you for your ‘truth bombs’ and for presenting solid content & not seminar fluff!”
Thank you for what you do, Diane- You have made a difference in my future!
    “I could never get enough of Di’s real-world approach and her humor in presenting it.”

Motivation is not one-size fits-all; but proven concepts presented with humor through an uncommon ability to relate to sales focused audiences- is a perfect fit for participants to walk away confident that Activity Drives Productivity & Integrity Sells!

Increase Sales

A focus on key concepts that emphasis working smarter- not just harder! The results are increased incremental revenue & enhanced account retention.  For Sales Professionals…it’s all about the results!

Enhance Acountability

The fall from taking action is much less painful than the danger of inactivity. Success is a resultof standing on principle, walking in confidence, running on adrenaline and being accountable!

Accomplish Goals

Just as a well-balanced diet and exercise can reduce health risks…there are behaviors that increase confidence & commitment resulting in personal and professional accomplishment. 

  • “…a 200% increase in sales in the 1st quarter and the only thing we did differently was to invest in sales training with Diane Ciotta to kick-off the year. Now that’s R.O.I.!!”

    Gretchen Cooke
    Parenting Publications of America
  • “Our December numbers were $40k over goal and we can only attribute it to the sales training we did with Training Classics in July & October.”

    Terry Lodewegen
    Journal Community Publishing Group
  • “I thought I was good at sales, but have listened to myself this week not go for the close, or shrink back from a budget conversation…WOW!”

    Multi-Media Specialist
  • “…the most beneficial sales training for my reps that I have seen in years! …fantastic-refreshing-practical tips that are proven to work.”

    Shane Goodman
    President & Publisher, Cityview, Des Moines, IA
  • “Thank you for delivering the keynote & training sessions at our Fall Conference. Our members always learn a lot from you & enjoy the way you keep your sessions from getting dull!”

    Dick Clovin
    Executive Director- Midwest Free Community Papers; Iowa City, IA
  • “I have learned so much from working with Di, and she’s given me understanding, skills and confidence that I just did not have before. I feel much better equipped to deal with the challenges, and I’m becoming more excited about selling, as opposed to anxious!”

    Susan Wynn
    Sales Representative - Straus News; Manhattan, NY

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For 24 years Di’s sales refinement workshops have placed an emphasis on maximizing the skills, attitudes and activities of sales professionals to their fullest potential, with a specialty in the Advertising Industry.

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Keynote Speaking

Di’s empowering words are perfect for any audience that would respond to being challenged to identify personal and/or professional desires and benefit from being encouraged to pursue them.

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